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In addition to addressing the diverse healthcare needs of women, our Obstetrics and Gynecology department takes pride in staying at the forefront of medical technology. We are proud to have a select group of highly skilled physicians who are certified in performing robotic surgeries utilizing the state-of-the-art da Vinci Surgical System. This cutting-edge technology allows for greater precision and minimally invasive procedures, which often result in shorter recovery times and reduced discomfort for our patients. By harnessing the power of robotic surgery, we aim to provide the highest level of care and innovation to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life for the women we serve.

Primary Gynecological Services

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Gynecological services are offered for young women in their adolescent years and throughout a woman’s lifetime. Routine well woman examinations, HPV vaccinations, evaluation and treatment of abnormal Pap smears and menstrual disorders are provided by all general obstetricians and gynecologists. In addition, some surgical procedures to treat bleeding disorders can now be performed within the office, saving patients both time and money.

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Mammography Clinics

Mammography clinics are conveniently located within close proximity of all three of our main locations.

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Contraceptive Options

The physicians work with each patient to find the contraceptive option that best fits their lifestyle and values. Whether you are looking for advice on natural family planning, permanent sterilization, short-term or long-term contraceptive options, we have the latest methods and technology available within our practice, including new forms of permanent sterilization that can be done without incisions.

Gynecological Services

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